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The living legend

A boat for life !

In 1965, Henri Wauquiez, Yachting addict, built up the first Wauquiez,  writing there the first page of the Wauquiez history, which is today more than ever, based on an exceptionnal craftman ship, the attention to the detail and the respect of the state of the heart. It results into comfortable, secure and fast boats which,  are still actively chassed by second hand buyers .

The first Elizabethan and Pretorien have been replaced by the magnificent Centurion and Pilot Saloon range and the same passion still drives the entire Wauquiez team: making every new sailboat an example of excellence.

Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 42 video

Wauquiez’s shipyard, in Neuville en Ferrain, close to Lille (North of France). A lifetime devoted to building extraordinary boats, that was the destiny of Henri Wauquiez, who gave his name to our workshop in 1965. Since then, Wauquiez has not chosen the path towards industrialisation.

We prefer to let our know-how flow freely by offering you original, authentic excellence boats.

World cruising sailboats that are safe, performing and comfortable for all those whose lives are marked by a passion for the sea, world cruises

The structure of a Wauquiez consists of a floorage (monobloc on some models) glued and laminated to the hull, as the bulkheads are. The keel is fixed by stainless steel bolts and a perfect rigging tension and appendages strength distribution is ensured by their total integration to the structure of the boat.

Hull construction:

The hull is molded with the utmost care, using bisphenol resins for the outer layers, to ensure a healthy and very long life to your boat. Today, Wauquiez also uses the infusion technique which, beyond the protection of the environment, guarantees an optimal resin / fiber ratio, exceptional rigidity (balsa sandwich) as well as an important weight gain.

Deck construction

The deck is also made of balsa sandwich, for excellent rigidity, and perfect sound and heat insulation; This appreciable weight gain “in the highs”, adds to the stability of your Wauquiez. The hull / deck junction, is made by a polyurethane bonding and a mechanical connection. Finally, if you have chosen a teak deck, it is nice to know that it is laid wood batten by wood batten, in the tradition of high-end sailboats.

Deckware :

There is rarely a hardware and rigging more carefully choosen than on a Wauquiez: only the best global brands are retained. But beyond the quality of the equipment, this choice is also for you the guarantee of an excellent service at all your stops, on all the globe seas.

Wood work :

It is undoubtedly inside a Wauquiez that the love of the job well done, which animates the cabinetmakers of the shipyard, is the most obvious.

The furniture and bulkheads are varnished and adjusted with remarkable care, to the delight of the eyes and the touch! The natural lighting of the panels and portholes, as well as the warm light of the lighting, both create an inimitable atmosphere, highlighting the exceptional finish of the woodwork of each Wauquiez sailboat.

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For Sale

Centurion 57′

  • Longueur 17,70
  • Largeur 4,95
  • Moteur Yanmar 100 CV
For Sale

Wauquiez 55

  • Longueur 16,40
  • Largeur 5,25
  • Moteur 2x50 ou 2x75 cv
For Sale

Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 48e

  • Longueur 14,77
  • Largeur 4,61
  • Moteur Yanmar Saildrive 110 CV
For Sale

Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 42

  • Longueur 12.99
  • Largeur 4.34
  • Moteur Yanmar Saildrive 57 CV
For Sale

Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 58

  • Longueur 17.70
  • Largeur 4.95
  • Moteur Yanmar Saildrive 110 CV

Wauquiez top-of-the-range sailboat

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